How It Works

1. Getting Started:

  • Provide contextual information about your intended use
  • Describe how your intended use relates to each of the four fair use factors
  • Indicate how "fair" you feel your use is for each of the factors (based on the description & criteria you have provided) [getting help with criteria]

2. The Fair Use Evaluator:

3. Provide Additional Information: [Optional]

  • Add any other mitigating circumstances or information that you feel is important (or, if you determine your use is not fair, exit the tool)

4. Get a Hard or Electronic Copy:

  • The Fair Use Evaluator will collate and publish a time-stamped PDF of your "Fair Use Evaluation" (using the information you've provided).

5. How to Use your Analysis :

  • Share your analysis with colleagues, a librarian, or a copyright specialist for comment or to validate your results.
  • Keep a copy for your files. [why is this important?]


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